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Collaboration with Hyperloop UPV and Jesiva Transformers


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It is a pleasure for JESIVA Transformers S.L. to be able to collaborate with Hyperloop UPV Team. On 23rd June we realised the first step of the relationship between JESIVA and Hyperloop UPV Team. JESIVA is a company waiting for new technologies; this is why since we knew about the work these boys were doing, we felt almost an “obligation”, from our most sincere humility, of supporting them and offering our help in everything we can do.It is exciting to help and collaborate with this brave team that will be an important part of the new future as they show with their work, effort and illusion, they are not as far as other think. The world needs young people who want to work, innovate and create a better world.Consequently, being so close to them as JESIVA Transformers has provided us the chance of helping them to fulfill their objectives, it is not an obligation, but a pleasure. Lots of encouragement to Hyperloop UPV Team!