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Testing bank in collaboration with the University of Valencia

     Collaboration between the School of Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería E.T.S.E) of the University of Valencia and the company JESIVA Transformers S.L.; where a student together with the I+D+i department has taken part in a technological innovation project focused in the electricity sector.


IMG_1795A student of the Electronic Engineering Official Master Degree (Máster Oficial en Ingeniería Electrónica), Jorge González Montero, does his final degree project in the laboratory of JESIVA Transformers S.L. Our company knows the importance about offering a quality service to the customer. This is why this concern has resulted in designing and implementing a testing bank that provides the possibility of making tests and characterise coils and power transformers with the aim of increasing the product quality we offer to our customers, by bringing them to real functioning conditions. Coil inductance, core saturation, magnetising inductance and transformer dispersalcan be measured during the tests, among others.

Carrying out a project like this represents an advance in the electronic and electricity sector. JESIVA Transformers S.L. has opted for renewable energies and energy efficiency. This innovation project will lead to savings for the company as well as for the planet.