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Transformers for switching power supplies

Transformers for switching power supplies are more and more important in our production chain.

These transformers are used in different applications and sectors.

There are different types of switching power supplies (Buck, Bost, Flyback, Forward, Push-Pull, Half Bridge, Resonante…)

JESIVA has necessary knowledge and technical resources to design and manufacture this type of transformers by adapting them to the electrical and physic need of each customer.

Among usually manufactured formats we underline the following:

  • EE format
  • EF format
  • RM
  • EI
  • ETD
  • EFD
  • PM
  • UU
  • UI
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Product Description

We work with specific materials for manufacturing these transformers:

  • Triplex thread
  • Litz thread
  • Copper strip


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