Bienvenido a Jesiva Transformers
  • Three-phase inductances

    Three-phase inductances are mainly used for harmonic filtering by reducing voltage spikes.

    Our inductances are designed and manufactured for the following fields of application:


    • Variable speed drives (line or output inductances).
    • Batteries of capacitors for reactive compensation.
    • Solar inverters.
    • Railway converters.


    In the production are used copper or aluminum windings, impregnation varnishes or resins and magnetic cores of low losses.

    Depending on the requirements of the application, the magnetic cores can be from grain oriented to amorphous or nanocrystalline core.

  • Three-phase Transformers

    Three-phase transformers are manufactured with galvanic insulation to separate primary and secondary windings.

    These transformers can be used for voltage variations or as insulation.

    They are produced by default with an F thermal class. However, they can be manufactured with an H thermal class under request. All used materials meet the UL standard.

    According to customer requirements, they can be manufactured as follows:

    • Thermal protection
    • Temperature sensor
    • IP-00,IP-23,IP54,IP-65
    • To resist seismic movements