Bienvenido a Jesiva Transformers
  • One-phase autotransformers

    Autotransformers are designed, manufactured and thought to be used in feed of control panels where no insulation is needed.

    • They have security connection terminals with a screw to avoid direct contact.
    • They can be manufactured in voltages between 0,5V and 1000V.
    • It is possible to add cut-off fuses or even auto resettable thermal protectors that act if windings overheat and if the transformer temperature drops. After that it works again automatically.
    • Transformers are manufactured under the EN-61558 STANDARD.

    They can be manufactured under request with the following requirements:

    • Room temperature above 40ºC.
    • Severe weather.
    • Vertical mounting.
    • Thermal class above 130º.